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Aceite Samurai (Multi-Vehicle Oil)

SAMURAI ATF MULTI-VEHICLE is an oil formulated for automatic transmissions controlled by electrical components. This product is for use in GM and Ford automatic transmissions requiring Dexron IIIH, Dexron IIIG, Dexron IIE and Dexron II, Mercon ATF. It also fulfills requirements for automatic transmissions and Allison C-4 largest makers of hydraulic pumps that require anti-wear oil.

SAMURAI ATF MULTI-VEHICLE It provides excellent friction and oxidation stability, anti-wear and low temperature fluidity necessary for the best operation of automatic transmissions.


  • Excellent performance at low temperatures
  • It provides greater compatibility in sealing components without harming seals or other rubberized components
  • It contains the best lubrication properties to prevent wear
  • It contains excellent friction characteristics for best shift changes
  • It prevents oxidation
  • It contains anti-foaming properties


SAMURAI ATF MULTI-VEHICLE ATF It is premium lubricating oil for use in automatic transmissions of all types of truck and GMC cars and Ford. Meets specifications of Dexron III-H and Ford Mercon.

SAMURAI ATF MULTI-VEHICLE is the best choice for Allison automatic transmissions and both heavy load and industrial requiring Dexron III. It is also approved for applications requiring Allison C-4 and Caterpillar TO-2.

Typical Test Data

Peso Especifico @ 60° F
.86 – .88
Viscosidad Cinematica CTS @ 100° C
6.9 – 7.75
Punto de Inflamabilidad (°F)
Punto de Fluidez (°F)

Production Process